Straight Talk From Art

This year while we were walking around the SEMA Show, we were amazed at all the great customer cars that we had on display, thirty-three in total. What struck us was the range of vehicles using AME components. From front or rear subframes to complete chassis and from beautiful long distance cruisers to hard core track day cars. Cars, trucks, customs based off of concept cars and even two coach built cars were riding on AME components. It was very humbling to see the incredible following at such an important trade show. Two cars in particular stuck out in our head as rides from opposite ends of the spectrum but both being able to utilize chassis and suspension systems from Art Morrison Enterprises.

Art (l) and Craig Morrison (r) have long demonstrated the ability to provide customers with products they desire.

Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang project. Featuring an AME custom front subframe and IRS rear subframe Jason and his talented crew set out to create one of the most insane Pro Touring cars that has ever been built. Working with Jason, it was determined that a custom front subframe with Corvette front suspension and a rear clip with IRS would be the best fit for their project goals. In just 10 short months, thousands of man hours were invested transforming a notch back into a fast back, installing a full roll cage, 1000 RWHP blown and turbocharged Ford Coyote V8 utilizing a MoTeC ECU. Thanks to the wheel speed sensors on both the front and rear AME suspension, the ECU is able to control wheel spin and maximize traction control. A semiautomatic paddle-shifted transmission controls the up shifts and downshifts within easy reach of the steering wheel and massive 15" carbon-ceramic Brembo disc brakes will bring the car to a stop in a very short distance. This car was built for one purpose; to rip around the track as quickly as possible. Relying on the expertise of AME engineers and fabricators, the front and rear suspension designed for the monster of a car will keep it planted on the corners and accelerating hard on the straight-aways. As soon as "Vicious" gets back to the shop the engine and trans will get dialed in then it's time for extensive track testing. We're pretty confident that this Mustang will be a serious contender during autocross and track day events.

Craig Wick of Wicked Fabrication caused quite a stir at the 2016 SEMA show with an incredible 1951 Ford. Nearly 10,000 hours of labor was poured into this multiyear built, creating a classic race car look with a lot of European flair. Starting with a completely custom AME chassis, the front and rear kick ups were adjusted to give the car the stance that Craig and his craftsmen were looking for. With the chassis created for this specific project, Wicked Fabrication set about on transforming a mass produced 1951 Ford "shoebox" into something special. The pie-cut section job removed 5' out of the front fenders tapering to 2.5" in the rear fenders while leaving the top un-chopped. An injected vintage Ford V8 was nestled between the rails and lots of great one-off touches were designed to give this car a "La Carrera" feel. Debuted at the Hot Rod Industry Alliance booth, it was instantly a stand out from the thousands of cars at SEMA. The judges responded accordingly; Goodguys Gold Brick Award, Mothers Shine Top 10 Award, Gran Turismo "Best Hot Rod" Award and "Best in Show" Award. I'm confident that this amazing car will collect a lot more hardware and accolades throughout the 2017 show season.

Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang Project

That's the great thing about what we are capable of doing, whether it's a hard-core track day car or a heavily customized early '50 hot rod, we can work with you to provide the correct parts for your build style and performance requirements. Full frames, clips and subframes or just individual components our tech staff and engineering team can work with you to create a package that will achieve your ultimate goals for the project. Heck, as I'm writing this, we have a custom front air spring front subframe being packaged up for a customer building a Batmobile.

2016 is wrapping up to be one of the best years ever in company history, we have lots of great new products in the works and are constantly refining the ones that we already have. Take for instance the AME Multilink IRS. It was a phenomenal product as-is but we have designed a 3rd cradle option to give it the ability to package easier into more vehicles. We also have developed more engine mount kits to allow customers the ability to install the GM LT, Big Block Ford and Small Block Ford engines into their vehicles. New GT Sport chassis are in development as well. –Stay tuned......

Once again, I would like to thank you, our customers, for spending your hard earned dollars with us this past year. Right now, people are building more cars than ever and we appreciate your confidence in our products and value your business. We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to chassis and suspension design. It has been a real pleasure getting to meet so many of our customers at the various shows that we travel to over the course of the year, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions for new products. We value your support, and as we enter our 46th year of business, please keep us in mind for your next project.

Thank You!