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ame-thru-line-brake-301.jpg Through-frame Brake Line Fitting
To cure the all too common problem of "spongy" brakes. Art Morrison™ Enterprises has developed a special through-frame brake line fitting that eliminates any fluid air pockets that can occur with other designs.
CNC machined from stainless steel billet material, they can be used in any frame rail that is 2" in width. Each end is -3AN sized fitting with one end male and the other female. AME full pressure fittings can be retrofitted to most any hydraulic brake system and are available
Choose from one of the following options:

(A) Male-Male Ends - $25.00each
(B) Male-female Ends - $25.00each
(C) Also available Fuel Line Thru Frame Fitting with -6 Males Ends (Not shown)- $35.00each


benttubes.gif 90 Degree Bends for Fabrication
Builders have asked us to custom make small sections of 90 degree mandrel bent tubing for fabricating pieces and parts on a chassis. The "hard way" bends are on the 2" tall section, while the "easy way" is on the wider 4" section. Prices are from $60.00 to $65.00 each. Due to size of item $7.50 box charge added at time of order.

Choose from one of the following options:

(A) 30" Easy-way 2"x4" 90 Degree Bend $60.00
(B) 36" Hard-way 2"x3" 90 Degree Bend $60.00
(C) 36" Hard-way 2"x4" 90 Degree Bend $65.00


porpvalve.gif Adjustable Proportioning Valve
Set the proper front-to-rear brake balance with this handy in-line Proportioning Valve. Ideal for both disc/disc and disc/drum setups. Includes the kit includes the Wilwood Proportioning Valve and the fittings to facilitate installation. For racing or street use. Price $50.00

agrfittings.gif Power Rack Fitting Kit
These are the necessary fittings that screw into your rack and pinion and allow it to be plumbed to the power steering pump and reservoir. This kit contains both the pressure and return fittings that convert the rack to -6 AN. Price $40.00

25D-BEARING-RETAINERS.gif Bearing Retainers
An ideal replacement for stock-type units, our bearing retainers offer substantially greater strength and ease of installation and removal. Made from 3/16" steel. Parts are listed from left to right. Price $30.00pr
Choose from one of the following options:

(A) '57-'64 Olds/Pontiac - $30.00
(B) 9" Ford Big Bearing 1/2" Hole - $30.00
(C) 9" Ford Big Bearing 3/8" Hole - $30.00
(D) 9" Ford Small Bearing - $30.00


37cbushedrodends.gif Bushed Rod Ends
For street applications where ride comfort is a consideration, use these polyurethane-bushed 17-4 alloy stainless steel ends. They are available with right hand and left hand threads featuring a 5/8" bore and a 3/4" shank. Prices are from $40.00-$65.00. Choose from one of the following options:
(A) 5/8" x 3/4" Stainless Poly Rod End RH $40.00
(B) 5/8" x 3/4" Stainless Poly Rod End LH $40.00
(C) 1/2" x 5/8" Stainless Poly Rod End RH only $40.00


025.gif Carrier Installation Kit
Here is everything you need to install a 9" carrier in the rear end housing. Included in the kit is a special high performance gasket, premium grade bolts, and lock washers. Pesky leaks will be a thing of the past! Price $40.00

suspensionegunmounts.gif Energy Suspension Engine Mounts
Replace those nasty, rotted rubber engine mounts on your Chevy with these high performance polyurethane-padded units from Energy Suspension. They will improve the feel of your car by reducing engine movement. Kit includes all required fasteners. Price $100.00

p71a.gif Formed Body Mount - 7.5" Length
This body mount is 7.5" in length, the formed steel mount is easily trimmed to desired size.

p71a.gif Formed Body Mounth - 12" Length
This body mount is 12" in length, the formed steel mount is easily trimmed to desired size.

47_1.gif Wilwood 570 Hi-Temp Brake Fluid 12oz Bottle
Specially developed for racing, Wilwood brake fluid has a minimum dry boiling point of 570 degrees, substantially higher than DOT 3 or 4 requirements! Also designed to lubricate and clean brake system internal parts. Has a very low viscosity, which facilitates easy bleeding of brakes and eliminates problems of fluid foaming from excessive pumping. Price $10.00

adjproportionvalve.gif Housing Breather Tank
Eliminate those pesky leaks that 9" housings are known for. This "catch can" developed by AME, mounts above the housing. Excess pressurized gear oil goes into the tank, is vented, and then drains back into the housing after you park your car. $45.00 each.

Housing-breather-vent.jpg Housing Breather Vent For Hose
Eliminate those pesky leaks that 9" Ford housings are known for. This breather vent for hose is for use with the Breather Tank. $15.00 each.

24_7.gif Leaf Spring Mounts
Use our universal housing mount pads when installing a new rear-end in your leaf spring car. Fits 2 1/2" wide springs. Price $20.00 per pair.

mountkit.gif LS Engine Mount Kit
We've developed a highly effective mounting package for LS engines that incorporates Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, an adapter plate with a positive stop, and OEM-style Chevy mounts. Price $240.00

LS-Engine-Mount-2-Pg62cat.jpg LS Engine Mount Kit - Rubber
We've developed a highly effective mounting package for LS-series engines. Price $175.00

30_05.gif Rear End Filler Cap & Bung
Finish off your rear end housing or tank with this handy assembly. Bung is steel for easy welding while the cap is machined aluminum with o-ring seal. Price $34.00

6403_41b.gif Replacement Shocks for AME Spring Kit and Coil-Overs
Select these replacement shocks for Gabriel based Morrison coil spring kits. Gabriel shocks are of the heavy-duty Strider variety sporting 3 valve positions. Price $40.00 ea.

rollbarpad.gif Roll Bar Padding
Offers extra protection with this offset style padding. Available in 3' lengths. Price $10.00

6006.gif Shock Jig Kits
These handy new devices from Art Morrison™ Enterprises Inc. make it easy to install the rear end housing or front suspension in at the correct position for your desired ride height. The jigs can be set for the compressed height of the coil-over and shock mounts be positioned accordingly. Models are available to simulate both spherical bearing and standard shaft-type shocks. The shock jigs are sold unwelded and are shown with the coil spring mounts for illustrative purposes only. Price $30.00
Choose from one of the following options:

(A) Spherical Bearing Shock Jig $30.00
(B) Shaft Type Shock Jig $30.00


ame_6.gif Swing-Out Side Bar Kit
This handy conversion kit enables you to more easily get in and out of a race car. Use with Morrison roll cage kit. Price $65.00

wedges.gif Universal Body Mount Kit w/ Bushings
This handy kit provides the great foundation for you to mount your body onto an AME chassis. Kit includes 6 14" long body mounts and 6 body bushings. Mounts can easily be trimmed to any length. Prices are from $2.50 to $95.00 each. Box Charge of $5.00 added to shipping at time of order.

Choose from one of the following options:
(A) Body Bushings $2.50
(B) Outrigger Body Mount Rectangle Tube $15.00
(C) Outrigger Body Mount 2x3 Angle Cut $16.00
(D) Outrigger Body Mount Kit $95.00


centerframekit.gif Unwelded Center Frame Kit
A significant feature of the Art Morrison™ GT Sport Chassis has been the center frame treatment and routing the exhaust through passages in the crossmember. This allows for a lower stance, without having to worry about mufflers and the exhaust hanging below the frame. We have developed this kit that allows a fabricator to easily adapt this design to other chassis. Components are mandrel-bent out of 2"x4" rectangular tubing (.120" wall) and kits are offered with or without the exhaust tubes. Prices are from $295.00 to $390.00 each. Due to size and weight $69.00 box charge added to shipping at time of order.
Choose from one of the following options:

(A) Center Frame Kit w/o Exhaust Tubes $295.00
(B) Center Frame Kit for 2.5" Exhaust $340.00
(C) Center Frame Kit for 3" Exhaust $390.00


56_02.gif Velocity Stacks
Morrison's spun-aluminum velocity stack enhances air flow to the carburetor or throttle body. For standard 4150 or 4500 series carbs or throttle bodies. Prices are from $30.00-$35.00 each.
Choose from one of the following options:

(A) Standard 4150 Velocity Stack $30.00
(B) Dominator 4500 Velocity Stack $35.00


30_06.gif 1/2" NPT Bonney Flange & Pipe Plug Set
This kit is provides an ideal method for draining your rear end housing without creating a big mess. Price $10.00

2015-Coilspring-300.jpg Coil Over Shock Bearings & Snap Rings
Spherical Coil Over Shock Bearings are a direct replacement for worn out bearings for the top and bottom of the coil over. Install these spring bearings under each spring for adjusting ride height easily. Roller type bearings permit adjuster to turn freely by eliminating spring friction Choose from one of the following options: Prices are from $5.50-$36.00.
(A) Shock Bearing Kit 4 Bearings & 8 Snap Rings $36.00
(B) Spring Bearing Kit Poly (pr)$14.00
(C) Snap Rings (8) $5.50


6120.gif "Tee" Bolt Kit
Secure the backing plate to housing or spindle flange with these premium quality "Tee" bolts. Includes bolts and nylon jam nuts. Price $50.00
Choose from one of the following options:

(A) 3/8" (set of 8) $40.00
(B) 1/2" (set of 8) $50.00


37b4130rodends.gif 4130 Rod Ends
Our 4130 Rod ends are designed to provide maximum strength for all high-load suspension applications. Ideal for top rods of 4-link suspensions. Radial static load on the 3/4" rod end is 28,081 lbs. For the most severe applications we recommend using the 5/8" x 3/4". Rated at 40,572 lbs. of radial static load, they are the strongest of all of our 4130 rod ends. Jam nuts are included. Prices are from $16.00-$45.00. Choose from one of the following options:
(A) 3/8" Right Hand $16.00 (B) 3/8" Left Hand $16.00
(C) 7/16" Right Hand $20.00 (D) 7/16" Left Hand $20.00
(E) 1/2" Right Hand $25.00 (F) 1/2" left Hand $25.00
(G) 5/8" Right Hand $35.00 (H) 5/8" Left Hand $35.00
(I) 3/4" Right Hand $45.00 (J) 3/4" Left Hand $45.00
(K) 1/2"x5/8" Right Hand HD $30.00 (L) 1/2"x5/8" Left Hand HD $30.00
(M) 5/8" x 3/4" Right Hand HD $45.00 (N) 5/8" x 3/4" Left Hand HD $45.00


p70.gif Wheel Spacers - Various Sizes
Installing wider tires and wheels can often lead to clearance problems. Solve them with our aluminum spacers (5-on 4.5", 4.75" and 5") in widths from 1/8" to 1/2" thick Price $18.00 - $30.00 Each



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