MAXG Chassis

If you're contemplating building a first class performing Camaro, Challenger, Chevelle, 'Cuda, Dart, Demon, GTO, Mustang or ???, a Morrison "Max G" chassis is available for the foundation of your project. (George Poteet's 1969 Torino built by Troy Trepanier.)

Key Features Of Morrison's "MuscleCar" MaxG Chassis

CAD-Engineered to fit the exact year, make and model car. With no compromises! Your choice of ride height and stance! Superbly engineered suspension package provides vastly improved handling! Body "drops" on chassis; which is much easier than using separate front & rear clips. Mandrel-formed 2x4 frame fixture-welded by experienced professionals.

Big block, small block and LS-series Chevy engines can be employed, as well as virtually any popular automatic or manual transmission—including Richmond 5/6-speeds, Tremec T56 and TKO, Muncie, Powerglide, TH-350 & 400, 700-R4 and 4L60E—thanks to a series of available mounts.

This Zrodz Cuda was the first MaxG chassis to feature the Multilink IRS.

J-Rod & Custom 1967 Nova

The Maxg Chassis Using The Sport C6/3-Link MaxG Combo

Perfect For Track Day!

Thanks in part to our new dropped steering arm C6 spindles, we've been able to engineer a chassis that brings the C6 front suspension to many platforms. And when combined with the a 3-Link rear suspension utilizing a Watts linkage, the corner-carving capability of cars equipped with a Max G chassis is beyond comprehension. Build your next ride on this platform and it will be difficult to wipe the smile off your face!

Morrison has re-engineered the C6 front spindle with a lower steering arm mount. This allows the rack to be mounted lower in the chassis, providing extra engine clearance and a lower center of gravity!

The Morrison 3-Link rear suspension with Strange Engineering Coilover Shocks.

A unique Watts Linkage does a superior job of controlling lateral housing movement while allowing normal roll.

An excellent "photo gallery" showing the build of the "Alloway Turbo Mustang" by noted chassis builder Bobby Alloway can be seen by clicking here.

Over five pages of photos feature this amazing 1969 MaxG Camaro built by Tom Farrell & RK Collections. Go to the photo album by clicking here.