Classic Pickup Frames - Key Features

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Classic Truck Frames

Most builders want to combine the classic styling of '40s, '50s and '60s pickup trucks with modern driveline and suspension technology. To enable an attractive, road-hugging stance.

Ultra Rigid "2X6+ 2X4 Truck Frame"

Morrison now offers a unique chassis that has an ultra-rigid "backbone" that provides builders with the perfect foundation for any classic truck project. Our engineers started with a big 2" x 6" main rail, complimenting it with a mandrel-formed 2" x 4" front and rear substructure, all fixture welded to assure the perfect alignment of all suspension components.

Price: From $ 4,295.00

Thru Frame Exhaust

In addition to being designed for the exact year/make/model truck, Morrison can build in the exact ride height desired to obtain a contemporary stance.The chassis also features thru-frame exhaust passages, which allow the truck to have a lower overall stance while still maintaining ample ground clearance.