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Morrison Offers the Widest Selection of Rearend Housings & Accessories Anywhere!

Art Morrison has made a "science" of preparing 9" Ford Housings to fit your exact needs. Special fixtures that allow our technicians to hold all components in correct alignment when fitting the housing with new tubes and billet housing ends. Each unit is narrowed to your requirements and equipped with all required suspension brackets and other options, such as a Back Brace, Filler Bung, etc. Give us a call and let us build on for you!

Price: Call for Details and Design Assistance

Super Clip Housing

Super Clip 9" Ford, narrowed as required, fitted with 1-Piece Back Brace, Suspension Brackets, Lateral Supports, Filler Cap and Bung and Rear End Drain Plug.

Price: Call For Details

Morrison "Air Spring Plus" Rearend Housing

"Morrison Air Spring Plus "Big Web 9" Ford, narrowed to your specs & equipped w/your choice of Housing Ends and all required Suspension Brackets.

Price: $ 935.00

"T-Bolt" Kit for 9" Ford Housings

Secure your Backing Plates to the Housing or Spindle Flange with these premium quality "Tee" Bolts. Includes Bolts and "Aircraft Style" lock nuts. Available in both 3/8" and 1/2" sizes.

Price: 3/8" kit $40.00 - 1/2" kit $50.00

1 Piece Mandrel Bent Housing Back Brace

Designed for any housing that will be subjected to "severe shock loads." Not only will the "brace" help maintain a straight Housing, but it will facilitate increased bearing life. Made from a single mandrel-bent piece of tubing to ensure optimum structural integrity. Should be installed during or before narrowing the rear end to ensure proper axle alignment. Available for 9" Ford and 8-3/4" Mopar applications.

Price: $ 75.00

Rear End Filler Cap and Bung Assembly

Finish off your Rear End Housing or Tank with this handy Filler Cap and Bung Assembly.

Item Number: 92851300
Price: $ 34.00

Rear End Drain and Plug

Finish off your Rear End Housing or Tank with this handy Drain Plug Assembly.

Item Number: 92851600
Price: $ 10.00

9" Ford Breather Vent Fitting Housing Overflow Tank

Finish of your Housing with the "Threaded" 9" Ford Vent Tube Fitting and Overflow Vent Tank from Morrison.

Price: $ 15.00 (Fitting) and $ 45.00 (Tank)

Housing Ends

Morrison carries a variety of Housing Ends including Big and Small Ford, Old/Pontiac, and Mopar Ends to name a few! Along with our own Billet "Morrison" Housing Ends (shown). Please see "Catalog Link" at the right and refer to the "Housing End Identification Chart".

Price: Call for Details and Design Assistance

Heavy Duty Axle Bearings

Heavy Duty Ball-Style Axle Bearings are pre-lubed & sealed for easy installation and long life. Mopar Bearings fit 8-3/4" & Dana 60 applications and eliminate need for "Pre-Load Adjustment".

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance
Price: From $ 45.00 Each

Bearing Retainers

An ideal re-placement for Stock-Type units, our bearing retainers offer substantially greater strength and ease of installation and removal. Made from 3/16" Steel. Please see "Catalog Link" at the right and refer to the "Housing End Identification Chart" on Page 44.

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance
Price: $ 30.00 Pair

Wheel Spacers

Installing wider Tires and Wheels can often lead to clearance problems. Solve them with our Aluminum Spacers (5-on 4-1/2, 4-3/4 & 5" Bolt Circles are available). Choose from 1/8", 7/16" or 1/2" Thickness. Specify Wheel Stud Diameter. (7/16 or 1/2").

Price: From $ 18.00 Each

Leaf Spring Housing Mounts

Use our "Universal" Housing Mount Pads when installing a new Rear End in a car using Leaf Springs. Available for 2" or 2-1/2" wide Leaf Springs. Please Specify when ordering. (2 1/2" Version Shown).

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance
Price: From $ 20.00 Per Pair

"Strange Engineering" Center Sections

Strange Engineering 9" S-Series Iron Center Sections are "Fully Assembled" complete with "Posi-Unit", Daytona Iron Pinion Support, your choice of 3.50-6.50 Strange Standard Gear Set and S-Series steel (1350) Driveshaft Yoke. Call for options & other 3rd Member choices.

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance
Price: From $ 1,225.00

Center Section Installation Kit for 9" Ford

Here's just what the doctor ordered to do a first class job of installing a 9" Ford Carrier in your Rear End Housing. Included in the Kit is a "Special high performance gasket", plus Premium Grade Bolts, Nuts and Lock Washers. Pesky leaks will be a thing of the past when you use this special kit.

Item Number: 40401015
Price: $ 30.00

Strange Engineering Axles

Strange Engineering Hi-Tuff Forged Steel Axles and Spools are the answer for reliability on the Drag Strip. They are available "Custom-Made" in any length, spline and bolt pattern, with a 2-Year Warranty on 33 or more Splined Axles. Spools for Drag Race Applications are also available. For Street Applications, we also offer Strange's popular new "S/S" (31-spline) and "S/T" (35-spline) "Induction Hardened" axles. Hi-Tuff Race Axles...

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance
Price: From $ 325.00 Per Pair