C6-C7 Corvette Components

The Corvette C6-7 Front Suspension is available for many applications and configurations.. Please call for "Personalized Design Assistance."

C6 Corvette Steering Knuckles and Hubs

Corvette C6 Steering Knuckles come w/factory installed Upper Ball Joints. Front Hubs (Shown in Photo) also available separately.

Price: Knuckes: Left $355.00, Right $260.00 ea - Hubs: $360.00 ea

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Corvette C6 Control Arm Mounting Kit

Morrison C6-7 Control Arm Mounting Kit includes all Hardware and Brackets to mount the Rack and Pinion, Lower Control Arms and Coil-overs. (Specify Front Subrame Width when ordering. 28" and 32" Outside to Outside widths available.)

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance

Price: $ 325.00 (Specify Frame Width)

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C7 Corvette Forged Aluminum A-Arms

New C7 A-Arms composed of Corvette C7 2014 and newer factory stock upper control arms and lower control arms with ball joints.

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance

Price: Upper: $175.00 ea - Lower: $390.00 ea

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C6 Corvette Lower Shock Mount

Morrison C6-7 Lower Shock Mount Kit includes all hardware to mount the Strange Coil-overs to the C6 Lower Control Arms.

Item Number: 40432135

Price: $ 85.00

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C6 Rotor and Caliper Kit

Morrison C6 rotor and caliper kit comes with right hand & left hand 13" Corvette Rotors, Calipers, Brake Pads, and Hardware.

Item Number: 40432731

Price: $ 1050.00

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C6 Front Suspension Kit

Morrison C6-7 Front Suspension Kit comes with "Brand New" Upper and Lower Control Arms, Ball Joints, Knuckles with Ball Joints, Hubs, and Hardware. Brake Caliper/Rotor are also available separately to compete your package.

Item Number: 40432730

Price: $ 2665.00

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Morrison C7 Corvette Front Clip

This latest addition to Morrison's "Weld in Front Subframe Line" provides an excellent foundation for anyone wanting to use Corvette C7 Front Suspension Components. Utilizing the forged aluminum control arms and spindles from the 2014 and newer C7 Corvette. Available in 57 1/2" or 60 1/2" Track Widths. (Please specify when placing your order). Photo Shown includes available Rack and Pinion and Strange Coilover Shocks.

Item Number: Call for Design Assistance

Price: From $ 2035.00

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