ZRODZ & Customs Camaro

Zach with ZRODZ & Customs was a great partner to help us develop our revised GT Sport Camaro subframe. The car is absolutely bad ass and itΓÇÖs great to see some great road trip miles being put on it. This summer you should it hitting the auto cross courses as well.

A Few Chassis Ready To Go

Just a few chassis ready to go to the great group of craftsmen down at @metalworksspeedshop. One more being assembled and these bad boys will be able to be picked up before Christmas. Wonder who is getting a chassis under the tree this year

Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Beautiful ragtop Impala built by @hotrods_and_customstuff. Riding on an AME GT Sport chassis, LS power and incredible details make this one cool hot rod. If you have a full-size Chevy project from 1959-1964 and need a chassis, give us a call at 800-929-7188.