East Coast Hot Rod Garage 1948 Ford

Here is a very cool fat fendered 1948 Ford built by The East Coast Hot Rod Garage. Sporting 850hp of John Kasse Boss 9 power and running a manual transmission this car is pure hot rod! Channeling that power to the ground is a custom AME chassis and suspension.

Kennys Rod Shop Hudson Truck

The talented crew over at @krs_idaho are building a cool Hudson truck. Riding on a custom AME chassis this will be one hot hauler when itΓÇÖs done.  Currently the crew is in the middle of fitting the monstrous hood on the Hudson.

Mid-Engined Custom Coach Built

ItΓÇÖs always great working with @therickdore on these amazing coach built projects. This one presented some fun challenges. With it being mid-engined, they wanted to run a Corvette transaxle. After doing some modeling we realized it could easily fit into our IRS cradle. If you donΓÇÖt see something in our catalog please give us a call and ask the question, if we can do it we definitely will build it.

1955 Ford Premier Wagon

Built by @rocketsgarage this 1955 Ford Premier Wagon is absolutely amazing. While it looks like a fresh restoration, this was something Ford never built. Riding on a custom AME chassis and paint by Byers Custom & Restoration it is a show stopper