ICON 300 SEL Mercedes

Icon4x4 has another amazing project on their hands. This 300 SEL Mercedes is getting a full upgrade with a custom AME chassis and a lot more horsepower under the hood. If you have an unusual project and need a chassis, give us a call, we can do it.

ICON Thriftmaster

Great to see an @icon4x4 out in the wild! @vintage4wd spotted this beautiful Thriftmaster at an recent event. Like with all of IconΓÇÖs trucks, this one is riding on an AME GT Sport chassis.

ICON Hellion Superbird

Great to see progress being made on the Hellion Superbird. Powered by a Hellcat HEMI and riding on a custom AME chassis with Multilink IRS it’s going to be one amazing machine.

1949 ICON Mercury Electric

@icon4x4 is outdoing themselves once again. This chassis, custom made by AME for a 1949 Mercury features 800 ft-lbs of electric motor for power. Yup and electric lead sled. Always great to be working with talented shops on the cutting edge of technology.

Behold the ICON 49ΓÇÖ Merc Coupe EV Derelict. With a transmission-less 800 ft lbs torque electric power train and a host of high tech systems and solutions, it will be like none before!

ICON EV Mercury

This is a cool project that we are proud to be part of. Built by @icon4x4 this is an EV Merc! Custom AME chassis and ICON’s amazing as usual Derelict styling this is going to be a trendsetter.