Sonny Freeman’s 1965 Chevelle

Congratulations to Sonny Freeman on winning the Goodguys Muscle Machine of the Year award. Built by @tbertgoldman this 1965 Chevelle is a masterpiece! AME GT Sport chassis and 800hp of supercharged LS makes this car ride and drive just as good as it looks! If you have an A Body project and need a chassis give us a call!

1949 Ford Woody Wagon

The beautiful 1949 Ford woody wagon built by @hotrods_and_customstuff gets a little time in the sun. We were lucky enough to see this last week in the shop. Riding on a custom AME chassis and LS powered, this is going to be one cool SoCal cruiser

Carnock Creations 1955 Chevrolet

The great thing about a GT Sport replacement chassis is that you can start with a painted car. The great guys over at @carnock_creations did just that with this ’55 Chevy and installed an AME chassis and LS3 on this “finished”Tri5. Car looks great and will ride and drive a lot better than it ever did.