Mid-Engined Custom Coach Built

ItΓÇÖs always great working with @therickdore on these amazing coach built projects. This one presented some fun challenges. With it being mid-engined, they wanted to run a Corvette transaxle. After doing some modeling we realized it could easily fit into our IRS cradle. If you donΓÇÖt see something in our catalog please give us a call and ask the question, if we can do it we definitely will build it.

Multilink IRS All Assembled – Ready To Bolt In

AME Multilink IRS all assembled and waiting to be bolted into a chassis. Because it’s on its own subframe, this IRS is great for installing into unibody cars, original chassis or existing aftermarket frames. Three different cradle sizes and four different track widths makes this an option for just about every vehicle out there.