Compact Multi-Link IRS

More Compact Version For Tighter Applications

Now, the engineering team at Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a more compact version of the Multi-Link IRS that utilizes key components from a Gen 5 Camaro and fits in a much tighter envelope. The cradle is 6-1/4" shorter overall and 2-1/2" lower from the axle centerline up than our original Multi-Link IRS. This allows an independent rear suspension to be used in many applications without the need to extensively modify the trunk's sheet metal for clearance.

Available in four track widths: 55.5", 57.5", 59.5" and 61.5" (wheel mounting surface to surface width)


Available gear ratios are 3.27 and 3.45. Brake options include: 12.4" rotor with floating caliper, Wilwood 14.3" with W6A caliper or 14.4" with OEM Brembo caliper. Minimum wheel size: 17"* with 12.4" brake rotors, 18" with Wilwood brakes.

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