Front Clip - Camaro

This Camaro, which was built by Z-Rodz was the first to receive the new GT Sport Subframe.

AME GR Sport Front CLips For Camaro Firebird

The engineering team at Art Morrison Enterprises has made a good thing even better through some subtle —yet important— revisions to AME's popular GT Sport Front Clip for early Camaro, Firebirds and Novas. For example, the ride height has been lowered by 1-1/4" over previous designs.

Big block, small block and LS-series Chevy engines can be employed, as well as virtually any popular automatic or manual transmission—including Richmond 5/6-speeds, Tremec T56 and TKO, Muncie, Powerglide, TH-350 & 400, 700-R4 and 4L60E—thanks to a series of available mounts.

Designed through use of FEA (finite element analysis) the 105 lb. front clip has outstanding strength and stiffness, yet is significantly lighter than the bulky OEM unit. With a reduced unsprung weight, forged aluminum C6 Corvette control arms, a shortened front view swing arm, modified caster, and adjustable coil-over shocks, Morrison's GT-Sport clip will provide awesome handling. It comes with a near-stock tread width for optimum wheel fitment opportunities, and can use a wider-than-stock tire (265/35R18 tested).

As no cutting or welding is required, installing a GT-Sport clip can be performed by most competent do-it-yourselfers in the comfort of their own garage. With an aggressive, lower stance and incredible handling characteristics, the look and "feel" of a Morrison GT-Sport Clip-equipped Camaro is unbeatable!

A number of accessories are available to make the installation easier, including a wide variety of brake options along with body mounts, headers, and a brake line kit.



Improve the handling and ride of any 1st generation Camaros with an expertly engineered Art Morrison GT-sport rear subframe. Rugged 2"x4" mandrel-formed frame rails are far superior to the flimsy OEM stampings and are designed to be used with the stock gas tank.

You have a choice between a highly effective 3-link suspension that employs a special Watts linkage for lateral stability.

Or a compact triangulated 4-bar setup that fits under the stock Camaro floorpan. Both have provisions to locate the exhaust for optimum ground clearance.

Strange Engineering adjustable coil-over shocks are used in both suspension systems, as are a special sway bar. Both come with a 9" rear end housing. Many brake options are also available.

Available Accessories

Stamped Mini-Tubs

Replace OEM wheel tubs with these18-gauge stamped steel "deep" units that are 3" wider than stock tubs and can accommodate tires up to 335 wide.


Specially designed for 1st Generation Camaros, this 4-point roll bar helps stiffen the car for better handling and provides extra protection (not legal for competition).

Subframe Connectors

An important addition to any Camaro equipped with AME GT-Sport front and rear subframes, these connectors provide extra stiffening for better all-around performance.

Chris Holstrom Concepts spectacular Camaro uses our Camaro Front and Rear Suspension kits