To Provide precise steering control Morrison offers a choice of DSE, Woodward and Flaming River Rack & Pinion Setups. The Flaming River Unit is used for "Front Steer" (mounted in front of the spindles) applications. These are all high performance aftermarket products.

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Rack and Pinion Steering Boxes

To provide precise steering control Morrison offers a choice of Pinto, Mustang II and Dodge Omni Rack & Pinion setups.These are all "New" High Performance Aftermarket Products. SPECIAL NOTE: Power Rack and Pinion Assemblies are designed to operate with a maximum of 1100 PSI pump pressure. Pump pressure exceeding 1100 PSI will damage the Rack and Pinion. DO NOT USE A PUMP THAT EXCEEDS 1100 PSI.

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Splined Steering Couplers

Attach a Steering Shaft to your Steering Box or Rack & Pinion with one of these Splined Couplers. Each Adapter features a 3/4" Bore on one end and a Splined End on the other.

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Steering U-Joints

Engineered for use in Race Car and Street Rod Steering Systems, Heavy-Duty Borgeson Needle Bearing U-joints are the optimum way to link "multi-angle shafts." Needle Bearings provide for smoother operation while reducing backlash. Female U-Joints are also available.

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Tri-5 Steering Linkage Kit

This convenient kit contains the components you'll need to connect the AGR Power Rack to the Steering Column when builiding your Tri-5 Chassis. Available in polished Stainless Steel or Bare Finish.

Price: $220

Steering Shaft Kits and Components

Morrison stocks a wide assortment of Borgeson quality components, and manufactures a number of specialized steering components. As each setup is done on a custom basis, prices will vary per the application. Call toll-free for details and design assistance.

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