Custom Chassis

Frame Rails

Un-welded 2x3 Frame Rail Kits

For drag racing and Pro Street applications we offer complete Bumper-To-Bumper frames and rear subframe kits made of 2" x 3" x .120" wall rectangular tubing. This lighter frame material is ideal for reducing vehicle weight - essential for performance. These rails are custom engineered for your application. And are typically used in conjunction with a roll bar or roll cange.

(Un-Welded 2X3 Ladder Bar Rear Subframe Kit Shown).

Bumper To Bumper Frame Rail Kits

A Bumper to Bumper style frame rail kit can be ordered with your choice of front suspension; using either 2X3 or 2X4X.120 Wall tubing. It can be purchased in either welded or un-welded as well.

(2X3 Welded Bumper to Bumper Chassis shown below)

Un-Welded 2x4 Frame Rail Kits

Morrison also offers our CAD Engineered 2X4 Frame Rail Kits in Un-Welded form as well. All "Custom Made" to your specs!

(2X4 Std. 4-Bar Shown).

Un-Welded Center Frame Kits

One of the more significant features of the Morrison GT Sport chassis has been the center frame treatment and routing the exhaust through passages in the crossmember. We have developed a special kit that allows a constructor to easily adapt this design to other chassis. Components are mandrel-formed out of 2x4 rectangular tubing (.120" wall) and kits are offered with or without the exhaust tubes.

Rear Crossmember & Driveshaft Loop Combos

Morrison Rear Crossmembers are available in a variety of configurations. Made from 2"X3" Mandrel Bent Tubing or 15/8" Round Tubing. Also available with Oval Driveshaft Loop.

Call for Specific Pricing.

90 Degree Bend For Special Uses

Builders have asked us to custom make small sections of 90 degree mandrel bent tubing, and they've become so popular we've decided to make them a standard catalog item. The "hard way" bends are on the 2" tall section, while the "easy way" is on the wider 4" section.

Formed Frame Mounts

These formed steel mounts are available in 12" & 7.5" overall lengths. Easily trimmed to desired size.

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