About Us

Founded in 1971, Art Morrison Enterprises has grown from a one-man garage fabrication business into an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of chassis and components, which are engineered for peak performance. Now occupying five stand-alone buildings in Fife, Washington, AME proudly completes all of their engineering, tooling, metal-forming, CNC machining and precision assembly in-house. An industry leader, AME pioneered the true bolt-on GT Sport chassis, which laid the foundation for the burgeoning restomod market.

It has now been two years since Art asked me to purchase AME to continue this incredible legacy, and Art Morrison Enterprises continues to thrive in both hot rods and its new venture, four-wheel drive.  We are very excited to offer a frame that is distinctly an Art Morrison product backed by the same engineering expertise, superior craftsmanship, and overall quality that helped excel the GT Sport frames into what is widely known as one of the most prestigious frames on the market today.

The all-new design of our four-wheel drive lineup follows the same mantra as our GT Sport frames:  Extreme traction coupled with every day driveability.  The highly engineered and finely tuned suspension allows for extreme off-road capability but offers the driveability of a new truck.  Rather than relying on outside designs, Art Morrison Enterprises designed its own inner and outer knuckles, steering geometry and rear suspension that gives our engineering department full control over the performance of this new line.  On top of that, by using our own design and forgings, we mitigate supply chain issues while ensuring that we maintain the quality that we are known for.

Rest assured, even with our latest venture, we are continuing to develop and build our GT Sport line, which now includes our all-new K-Member for the 1966-70 B-Body Mopar platform.  AME will never abandon our roots and as such, we will continue to expand our GT Sport line-up alongside our new offroad capable line.  Like our customers, hot rods are in our blood – as is almost anything with wheels.

At the end of the day, we believe that hot rodding shouldn’t be solely about profits and bean-counters.  It’s about meeting good people and simply having fun.  I’m so proud to be leading a company where the employees are truly like family.  I believe our unique culture shines through every aspect of AME from our customer service to the quality of our products.