An Amazing Tri-5

John and Sherry Riley from Parkersburg, West Virginia sent us an amazing array of phots featuring his amazing 1957 Chevy Belair. Of course, it is based on our AME Tri-5 chassis but the thing that makes this car unique is the 700 Horsepower Big Block Chevy featuring “Borla 8 Stack Injection” controlled by a Holley Dominator ECU! This cool powerplant is backed by a 4L80 Transmission.  … All of this makes for a super build! Check out the photos in the Photo Gallery….

Here is a link to the Photo Gallery: click here

East Coast Hot Rod Garage 1948 Ford

Here is a very cool fat fendered 1948 Ford built by The East Coast Hot Rod Garage. Sporting 850hp of John Kasse Boss 9 power and running a manual transmission this car is pure hot rod! Channeling that power to the ground is a custom AME chassis and suspension.