Rear Clips

Rear Clips – 3 Link

To address the needs of the hard-core Pro-Touring and g-Machine market, Art Morrison has released a 3-Link Rear Suspension. Allowing for more rear end articulation without any bind and combined with an adjustable Watts Link track locator, this is the perfect suspension for serious corner carving and track days. The package comes with all the suspension links & rod ends, sway bar, adjustable shocks and a 9″ housing designed for your particular application.

A specially-modified 9″ Ford rear housing is also part of the package. It’s fitted with mounts for the Watts linkage, coil-over shocks and link bars. The bars feature Morrison’s poly-bushed stainless steel rod ends, which provide firm control and quiet operation. For all-out competition, a spherical rod end package is available.

Rear Clips – 4 Link

For those applications where the builder wishes to adapt a Morrison 4-Link Suspension to an existing chassis, special rear subframe assemblies are available. Like all other Morrison frame components, the subframes are individually CAD-engineered for the exact year/make/model vehicle. 2X4 4-Link shown in photo.

Tri 4-Bar Rear Clip

This versatile setup provides excellent rear end control for both acceleration and handling and is employed on a large percentage of AME’s GT Sport and MaxG chassis. The engineered rear subframe is custom-made for the exact year/ make/model vehicle and features passageways in the crossmember for the exhaust and for the driveshaft to facilitate a low center of gravity and provide improved handling. The suspension setup controls both housing twist and lateral movement. The 1-3/8” diameter bars feature AME polyurethane-bushed stainless steel rod ends. The rear anti-roll bar, coilovers and 9” housing complete the package.

3-Link Rear Clip

Ideal for Pro-Touring Applications & Lateral G-Machines
From a technical standpoint, the 3-link configuration – in concert with a Watts-type linkage – provides exceptional multi-axis control. Add the Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers and an adjustable anti-roll bar to the 3-link package to provide optimum handling and performance in a wide variety of street machines and muscle cars. This suspension has been track-proven in many road racing and autocross applications. Each subframe is engineered for the particular year/make/model vehicle – including the desired ride height – to provide optimum ease of installation. The 2”x4” rectangular steel tube frame rails and crossmembers are precisely mandrel-formed and the assembly fixture-welded to assure correct alignment of all suspension components. It is available only in factory-welded form. Optional 3” exhaust ports can be installed in the front crossmember, enabling the vehicle to have a lower stance without compromising ground clearance. A specially-modified 9” Ford rear housing is also part of the package. It’s fitted with mounts for the Watts linkage, coilovers and link bars. The bars feature Johnny Joint rod ends, which provide firm control and quiet operation. For all-out competition, a spherical rod end package is available. Of course axles, brakes and complete third members are available from AME to complete the installation.

4-Bar Clip Package – Save Money with Complete Packages

For many applications – especially those with very tight quarters – the 4-bar suspension offers many advantages. Operating on the principle of a constant motion parallelogram, the design of the 4-bar is such that the rear end housing is always parallel to the ground – pinion angle never changes. This, combined with the lateral stability of the Panhard bar, does an excellent job of locating the rear end and keeping it in proper alignment. You will note that the rear frame kick-up of the 4-bar setup is far less severe than what is required for a 4-link suspension. This is beneficial for many street applications, where interior and trunk space is at a premium. Likewise, use of a 4-bar setup in a pickup truck will minimize the area where wheel tubs encroach into the bed. It’s the hot setup for a low profile ride! AME’s complete 4-bar clip assemblies include a 2”x4”x.120” wall rectangular tube rear subframe that is engineered for the application. Each is designed for the year/make/model vehicle to assure a correct fit and make for the optimum ease of installation. Moreover, each subframe is precision fixture-welded by experts to assure the proper alignment of chassis and suspension components. The frame rails are mandrel-formed to assure a superb finish with show quality bends. The assembly comes with a driveshaft hoop and all suspension brackets. The 4-bar setup features AME’s highly regarded polyurethane-bushed stainless steel rod ends and coil springs rate-matched to the application and coilover shock absorbers. Complete 9” rear end assemblies are also available.

Complete Air 4-Bar Package

Engineered for the applications where the builder wishes to adapt an AME air 4-bar suspension to an existing chassis. The subframes are individually engineered for the exact year/make/model vehicle and the rails are mandrel-formed to provide show quality bends. The subframes are made of 2”x4”x.120” wall rectangular tubing, and fixture-welded by AME’s staff of experienced craftsmen to assure proper alignment of critical suspension components. Large diameter link bars are standard, with a Panhard bar controlling lateral housing movement. Ideally suited to cars and trucks with a low stance, the subframe can be engineered with any desired ride height. Moreover, there are passageways in the crossmember to route the exhaust system and enjoy optimum ground clearance. Air 4-bar suspension packages include special Strange Engineering shock absorbers to compliment the air bags. You can save money and avoid potential hassles through purchasing all the related items at the same time. The rear subframe package shown above has a fixturewelded clip, 4-bar rear suspension, air springs, shocks, Panhard bar and narrowed 9” rear end.

4-Link Clip Package – Save Money with Complete Packages

AME’s 4-link rear suspensions are perfect for competition or street applications where maximum adjustability is desired. There are six upper bar front mounts plus four lower bar attachment holes, along with two top and bottom housing mounts and adjustable bars to provide you with any instant center point desired. The link tubes are 1-3/8” DOM with threaded tube adapters for maximum strength. Mounting plates are made of .180” steel. You have a choice between three rod end packages. For street applications our special polyurethane-bushed 17-4 stainless steel rod ends are utilized to provide the necessary quietness for street operation. Most of our 4-links are sold in complete rear suspension packages. They include the 4-link with frame and housing brackets, coilover rear shocks with springs rate-matched to your application and a choice of a Panhard bar (for street use) or diagonal link (race).