Rear Suspension Kits

You should know that all Morrison suspension systems have been carefully computer engineered to assure optimum operational efficiency. Standard 4-Bar Rear Suspension Kit shown above.

4-Link Rear Suspension Packages

Most of our 4-links are sold in complete rear suspension packages. They include the 4-link with frame and housing brackets, coil-over rear shocks with springs rate-matched to your application and a choice of a Panhard Bar (for street use) or diagonal link (race). Call for specific pricing and design assistance.

Standard 4-Bar Rear Suspension Package

For many applications, the 4-bar suspension is preferred. Operating on the principle of a “constant motion parallelogram,” the design of the 4-bar is such that the rear end housing is always perpendicular to the ground—pinion angle never changes. This, combined with the lateral stability of the Panhard Bar, does an excellent job of locating the rear end and keeping it in proper alignment. Call for specific pricing and design assistance.

Triangulated 4-Bar Rear Suspension Package

Now it’s easy to install a modern Triangulated 4-Bar rear suspension in most any chassis with this convenient package. It contains an AME Triangulated 4-Bar kit, sway bar, Strange coil-over springs, shock mounts and hardware. Call for specific pricing and design assistance.

Air Spring Plus Rear Suspension Package

Now you can enjoy the benefits of an air spring suspension and 4-bar housing control with these handy packages from Art Morrison Enterprises. You’ll weld the innovative rear brackets (which also serve to mount the bottom of the air spring and locate the suspension bars) to the rear end housing, attach the 4-bar front brackets to a crossmember, and affix the top air bag mount to your frame or supplied crossmember (“Big Bag” kit). The “Standard” kit is ideally suited to most compact and intermediatesized vehicles, while the “Big Bag” kit is designed for use on heavier cars and trucks. The primary differences between the two kits are the use of hefty 2,000 lbs. rated air bags and heavy-duty brackets. These combine to provide the extra capacity required for long-term reliability. The kits contain premium quality Firestone air bags, 4-bars bars equipped with AME’s own polyurethane-bushed stainless steel rod ends, mounting brackets and all required hardware. Replace the coil or leaf spring setup on your car or truck with an Art Morrison Air Spring+Plus suspension for a better ride and the ability to easily adjust ride height at the flick of a switch. We also manufacture Air Spring-Plus front subframes so you can easily convert the vehicle over to an all-air suspension for a great ride with complete adjustability. See page 41. Call for specific pricing and design assistance.