Custom Chassis

Custom Chassis

Looking for something specific or gettin’ creative with your build? Our custom chassis can be configured for almost any application – and every weld is guaranteed to be a work of Art. 

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Convertible and Long Wheelbase Frames

Size does matter and Art Morrison Enterprises offers heavyduty chassis for long wheelbase cars and convertibles with 4”x4”x.180” wall main rails. This provides the extra rigidity needed to improve the handling and ride quality of larger vehicles.

Straight and Profile Frames

Custom made for your project: You choose the "ride height" and wheel and tire combinations.

Air Spring Frames

Pressure inside the air spring dictates ride height. Dropping pressure from roughly 90 lbs. to 50 lbs. (depending on vehicle weight) will lower vehicle about 4 takes about 10 seconds.

Frame Rails

Complete Bumper-To-Bumper frames & Rear Subframes


While AME has bolt-on GT Sport chassis for many popular classic truck series, enthusiasts with other applications can turn to AME’s 2”x6” Builder’s Platform chassis that are engineered for the specific year/make/model truck. The builder is responsible for adding the engine, transmission and body mounts, which are available from AME as individual components.

Max G Chassis

Art Morrison Enterprises developed the MaxG chassis as an effective means of providing sports car-like handling and a contemporary, aggressive stance to owners of classic unibody-chassied muscle cars. A large number of cars manufactured by AMC, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s featured unibody construction. We have engineered MaxG chassis for the majority of them.