While AME has bolt-on GT Sport chassis for many popular classic truck series, enthusiasts with other applications can turn to AME’s 2”x6” Builder’s Platform chassis that are engineered for the specific year/make/model truck. The builder is responsible for adding the engine, transmission and body mounts, which are available from AME as individual components.

With its ultra-rigid 2”x6” main rail backbone and mandrel-formed 2”x4” front and rear sections made of .180” wall rectangular tubing, this chassis is the perfect foundation for any classic truck project. The chassis is designed and engineered to the customer’s exact specifications, giving you the choice of ride height and stance. Moreover, passageways in the rear crossmember facilitate tucking the exhaust between the frame rails for optimum ground clearance. The chassis is fixture-welded by AME’s skilled technicians to assure proper suspension alignment.

Up front is AME’s Sport IFS with tubular control arms, Wilwood ProSpindles, Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers and an adjustable anti-roll bar to provide outstanding handling characteristics. A 17.5:1 power rack and pinion steering is standard and AME’s popular air 4-bar suspension is available as an option. For the rear suspension a popular option is the parallel 4-bar set up with Johnny Joint rod ends, a 9” rear, with adjustable Strange Engineering coilovers, a Panhard bar and an adjustable anti-roll bar. Another option is a triangulated 4-bar setup for improved lateral stability and cornering and AME’s Multilink IRS is a third option which provides superior handling.