The best decision – and investment – you can make for your build is its foundation. Thousands of builders chose an Art Morrison chassis for theirs because it’s hands-down the highest quality in the business. See for yourself if it’s right for you. 

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There’s a chassis for every type of situation and every kind of rider. Don’t settle – choose from a variety of chassis recognized worldwide as the ultimate platform for a Restomod.

  • GT Sport

    Performance and true bolt-in convenience. That’s what the GT Sport chassis offers with its lightweight yet robust design. With unparalleled handling, stability and ride comfort at all speeds, it’s perfect for track days. 

  • GT Sport Truck

    The foundation for any sports truck that combines a contemporary stance, great handling and a comfortable ride with classic styling. And it’s an expertly engineered swap that do-it-yourselfers can easily do. Just imagine a 60-plus year-old truck that handles like a corvette. 

  • Custom Chassis

    Built with precision craftsmanship and the highest quality components, custom chassis are designed to enhance the performance and handling of your classic car – tailored to fit the needs of the driver.