Convertible and Long Wheelbase Frames

Size does matter and Art Morrison Enterprises offers heavyduty chassis for long wheelbase cars and convertibles with 4”x4”x.180” wall main rails. This provides the extra rigidity needed to improve the handling and ride quality of larger vehicles.

Convertibles have no real structure above the rocker panel so the 4”x4” main rails serve to support the center of the body. Long wheelbase cars have a similar chassis flex issue due to the torsional action of the stretched frame.

The 4”x4” main rails merge into mandrel-formed 2”x4” frame rails and are fixture-welded to assure precise alignment of all suspension components. Each chassis is custom engineered to your exact year/make/model vehicle with a choice of ride height and stance. Through-frame passageways facilitate tucking the exhaust system between the frame rails for optimum ground clearance. A 17.5:1 power rack and pinion handles the steering.

When it comes to front and rear suspensions AME offers a variety of options to best fit your ride and handling preferences. For those who favor a corner-carving setup, Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers can be fitted to all four corners. And for the ultimate in handling and ride comfort, an AME Multilink IRS can be employed.

There is a long list of award-winning big cars with a Morrison 4”x4” main rail chassis as their foundation. As with any AME chassis, it’s an investment in proven performance and value.

AME can custom-configure perimeter-style frames to a builder’s exact requirements, leaving the installation of engine, transmission and body mounts (available separately) to complete the chassis. The front kick-up and rear arch can be engineered to provide any desired ride height, with a full range of suspension options.

The chassis incorporates exhaust passages that let you position the exhaust system for optimum ground clearance and is fixture-welded by AME’s experienced fabricators to assure proper alignment of all suspension components.

Money-saving packages are available for both coilover and air 4-bar applications.