Max G Chassis

Art Morrison Enterprises developed the MaxG chassis as an effective means of providing sports car-like handling and a contemporary, aggressive stance to owners of classic unibody-chassied muscle cars. A large number of cars manufactured by AMC, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s featured unibody construction. We have engineered MaxG chassis for the majority of them.

The primary difference between the MaxG and a GT Sport chassis is that it requires modifying the floorpan to drop the body onto the frame instead of employing conventional body mounts. This, of course, is far more efficient than using front and rear clips and tying them together with subframe connectors.

Each MaxG chassis is engineered for the exact year/ make/model vehicle. Moreover, each MaxG chassis is custom-made to the customer’s desired ride height and stance. How low do you want to go? Passageways in the frame for the exhaust let you tuck the mufflers in tightly for optimum ground clearance.

The chassis features mandrel-formed 2”x4” frame rails that are fixture-welded to assure precise alignment of all suspension components. With a wide variety of suspension options available, our team makes it easy to get a MaxG chassis that will transform your unibodyframed muscle car into the ride of your dreams. Please speak to our tech team to determine which suspension option is best suited for your application.