Project: ‘Dirty Martini’ is the 1st Art Morrison 67-72 C10 Chassis

Posted On: December 12, 2022

The story of “Dirty Martini’ began more than 3.5 years ago when truck owner Ryan Meyer decided to build a unique 67-72 C10 truck. He first contacted us when the 67-72 Morrison Chassis was still in the “prototype stages”.

He waited patiently for design, engineering, and testing to be completed. Ultimately, he ended up with “Chassis#001”. Which makes Ryan and “Project Martini” a part of Art Morrison Enterprises history!

But every good story is not without its ups and downs, the truck and chassis were started but vanquished in a builder’s shop for nearly 2.5 years before Ryan said enough is enough…

Ryan had waited long enough, and in October of 2021 he chose Classis Car Studios in St. Louis, MO to take over the project, and you can see some of the progress so far…

Ryan hopes to have the truck completed by the end of the year!!

Congratulations on a cool project!

There are more photos in the Photo Gallery.