1953-1962 Corvette


Following the successful launch of AME’s GT Sport chassis for the Tri-5 Chevrolet, the next vehicle to be targeted for development of a high-performance bolt-on replacement chassis was the 1953-62 Corvette, or C1. The initial development work was done on a 1960 Corvette dubbed Project 3G as the stated goal was to achieve at least 1G in acceleration, braking and lateral load.

The car’s debut was to a collection of editors, who tested the car on AAA Speedway’s drag strip and skid pad, as well as in a braking zone. Project 3G exceeded expectations with flying colors, recording 1.05 Gs on the skid pad, running the 1/4-mile in the low 12s and braking from 60-0 in a mere 116’. The car was displayed at the SEMA Show and so impressed Sony engineers that it was included in their popular Gran Turismo IV video game.

Since then, over 500 GT Sport chassis for C1 Corvettes have been shipped to builders around the world, including many notable award-winners. Combining the classic style of the C1 with the handling of AME’s GT Sport chassis and contemporary LS/LT power has resulted in a number of them garnering jaw-dropping hammer prices at prestigious auctions.

With a variety of suspension options, plus engine and transmission mounts, it’s easy to build your dream restomod C1 that’s a solid investment in driving pleasure.

Technical Features

  • Modern Front Suspension Design
    Heavy duty short upper, long lower arm design optimizes camber while cornering and provides a modern driving experience.
  • Rear Suspension Options
    The standard GT Sport chassis comes with a highly effective triangulated 4-bar rear end with coilovers. The AME Multilink IRS is also an available option.
  • Contemporary Stance
    Ride height is approximately 3-4” lower than stock, which lowers the COG and improves handling. Through-frame exhaust passageways provide optimum ground clearance.
  • Multiple Tire Options
    Track width is reduced from the stock C6/C7 to allow larger tires in the confines of the wheel wells. The Sport IFS allows use of wheels with a diameter as little as 15”.
  • Camber Angle & Roll Center
    The FVSA (Front View Swing Arm) length has been shortened to better maintain camber angle when cornering and the static roll center height lowered.
  • Improved Stability & Ride Quality
    Various suspension enhancements contribute to improved stability and ride quality. With the Multilink IRS the improvement is more pronounced.
  • An Investment That Pays Off
    Investing in a Morrison GT Sport chassis can provide immeasurable driving pleasure. It also adds significantly to the value of any restomod C1.