The first generation Camaro presents a unique challenge – manufactured in GM’s plants in Van Nuys, California and Norwood, Ohio differ to the point where a single GT Sport chassis cannot fit both. So we’ve designed a 1-2-3 chassis where the front and rear subframes need to be connected after they’ve been bolted into place, which allows the builder to best fit the floorpan (cutting a couple slots in the floorboard and trimming the unibody rear rails is required). This setup allows you to retain the stock gas tank and keep the rear bench seat. Up front we offer the AME Sport C6 which is configurable for additional applications as well, (more detail is in the highlighted section below). For the rear, there are three unique suspension options available, all come with Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers and are detailed on page 18 of the 2023 catalog.

This AME package is a wise investment in driving pleasure and your vehicle’s overall value, providing superior handling with a contemporary stance.

Direct Bolt-on GT Sport Front Clip For 67-69 Camaro and Firebird, 70-81 Camaro/Firebird, plus 68-74 Chevy Nova

The AME engineering team made a good thing even better! Handling has been improved through use of special TIGwelded DOM steel control arms and a revised front end design that can accommodate high static negative camber angles for use with aggressive, low treadwear-rated tires. This new setup also features serviceable ball joints and employs high strength steel coilover mounts to withstand high stress cornering and bump loads.

Designed through the use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis), the AME GT Sport clip is substantially lighter than the bulky OEM unit. With a reduced unsprung weight, C6 Corvette uprights, shortened front view swing arm, modified caster and adjustable coilovers, the GT Sport clip provides superior handling. A 3-position adjustable hollow anti-roll bar is employed with adjustable end links to eliminate preload. It comes with a near-stock front tread width to provide optimum wheel fitment opportunities and can easily be used with wider-than-stock tires.

Mounts are available for small block, big block or LS/LT Series engines. Trans mount options facilitate using all popular manual or automatic transmissions. No cutting or welding is required for installation and most any competent do-it-yourselfer can transform an ordinary ride into a corner-hugging g-Machine in the comfort of their own garage. An optional solid body mount kit is available, as are conventional mounts, headers and a brake line kit.

Three Highly Effective Rear Clips for 1967-69 Camaros

Art Morrison Enterprises offers three highly effective and easy to install AME GT Sport rear subframes for 1st Generation Camaros. All employ 2”x4” mandrel-formed frame rails that are far stronger than flimsy OEM stampings, which makes them better suited to coping with the increased stresses that come with aggressive driving. The subframes are also designed to be used with the stock gas tank. Of course, the difference is what lies between the frame rails. And here’s where the choices come into play

Tri 4-Bar

This popular setup offers the advantage of fitting under the stock Camaro floorpan. The triangulated links provide both longitudinal and lateral bracing for the 9” housing and offers excellent acceleration and handling characteristics.


A more sophisticated and track day-proven package, the forward/rearward housing motion is controlled with three links, while it remains perfectly centered through the use of a Watts linkage. Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers are employed for both the tri 4-bar and 3-link subframes, as are special adjustable anti-roll bars.

Multilink IRS

With AME’s Multilink IRS, you never have to worry about over-stressing the massive Dana 60 differential and heavy duty CV axles. Primary advantages include independently compensating for any bumps or road irregularities to always provide an optimum tire contact patch, a smoother ride and reduced NVH (noise, vibration, harshness).