Straight Talk From Art

2020 is the eve of our 50th year in business, and as we get ready to hit that historic milestone, we are releasing a new chassis, improving our manufacturing through-put, and proudly reflecting on the amazing cars our customers are turning out.

Art (l) and Craig Morrison (r) have long demonstrated the ability to provide customers with products they desire.

Improving lead times were a major focus this past year and we have made incredible strides in reducing delivery times. Thanks to expanding our facilities, equipment and personnel we have cut the wait time by over half with all of our chassis tables sitting at the 8-10- week range. And by hiring more amazing welders, streamlining our processes and fine-tuning scheduling we are hoping to be able to reduce these lead times by even more throughout the course of this year.

Danny Bouchard's 1958 Ford F100 (Built by Korek Designs)

We are also excited to also be releasing our new C10 chassis this year. "Clean sheet "designs to both the front and rear suspension made this truck chassis a lot more complicated than we had originally estimated, but this is without a doubt one of the best frames we have ever created. We have designed it with numerous suspension options ranging from coil-over to air or our multi-link IRS. For more information on this fantastic new chassis and detailed photos, please turn to page 20 of the catalog.

This past year we were able to see the debut of some amazing customer vehicles. While some were great American muscle, there were two notable builds that stepped outside the box and made big statements this past year. The first of these builds was a 1969 Mercedes Benz owned by Josh Stahl. Built by Bo Vescio of Vescio's Customizing and Restoration, this Mercedes pays tribute to the famous "Red Pig" AMG Mercedes race car while promoting his company, Reviva, performance engine line. Utilizing a custom AME front subframe and Multi link IRS rear clip, it houses massive 335 front tires and 355 rear tires under the handcrafted fender flares. With over 600hp on tap to the rear wheels and a full cage this tribute car is more capable than the car its paying homage to. While not the typical 1960s era car you would see at a hot rod show, it was great to see the excitement this car creates. This was a fantastic project that we were proud to be part of and expect to see this Mercedes hitting up the Goodguys auto cross events throughout the summer.

Josh Stahl's 1969 Mercedes-Benz (Built by Vescio's Customizing and Restoration)

The next vehicle is this year's cover car and a project that was built near our facility. Owned by Richard Griot of Griot's Garage in Tacoma, WA, and built by Louie Shefchik of J&L Fabricating it was very special to be part of this project as we have known both the builder and car owner for years. The car is a 1968 Iso Rivolta, and while it had deteriorated too far to justify a restoration, it was the perfect nucleus for a very unique hot rod. Starting with one of our Max G chassis built to their specs and featuring the Multi link IRS rear the real work started. Dozens of body mods, a stunning classic interior and a strong running LS7 with T56 6-speed rounded out the build. Custom billet Lamborghini Mura wheels were machined for this project and the Wilwood brakes were adapted to use original Lamborghini knock-off hubs. It's an incredible build!

Owned by Richard Griot of Griot's Garage in Tacoma, WA, and built by Louie Shefchik of J&L Fabricating

Debuting at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Griot's Garage Iso received a lot of attention. Entered into the SEMA "Battle of the Builders" competition it did extremely well finishing in the Top 4 and was part of the SEMA Ignited show at the end of the event. While this beautiful Italian car will be at a handful of shows throughout the year, Richard plans on taking this car on numerous road trips throughout the next few years.

We also had three great builds that where selected for the most prestigious Goodguys awards. The first one was the stunning 1970 El Camino owned by Scott and Sherrie Cooper. Built by Cam Miller of HS Customs, it won the Goodguys "Late Truck of the Year" award and over 20 class awards at ISCA shows. Riding on an AME GT Sport chassis and powered by a stack-injected 572 c.i.d. BBC, the level of detail is second to none. The "Early truck of the Year" was also riding on an Art Morrison chassis. Danny Bouchard's 1958 F100 was sitting on a custom AME frame and was built by Ryan Korek of Korek Designs. Numerous body modifications helped make this truck a standout and It can be seen on page 31 of this catalog. Finally, there's the incredible 1965 Chevelle owned by Sonny Freeman and built by Talbert Goldman of Mike Goldman Customs. Also riding on an AME GT Sport chassis, this stunning A-body won just about everything it could win. Some of the awards it picked up in 2019 were: Ridler Great 8, Hot August Nights Cup Best in Show, Triple Crown of Rodding "Street Machine of the Year," Mothers Shine Award and the Goodguys "Muscle Machine of the Year."

1970 El Camino owned by Scott and Sherrie Cooper. Built by Cam Miller of HS Customs

The Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ was another incredible success for our customers as well. Dozens of customers sold their cars for great money, but few notable sales were Jeff Hayes's 1967 Corvette roadster that went for $418,000 as well as his 1963 Corvette that sold for $385,000. Joe Clevenger also had a great auction weekend. His 1949 Chevrolet truck sold for $176,000 while his 1958 Corvette went for $385,000. All four vehicles were riding on Art Morrison chassis.

AME is now in our 49th year of business we take pride in providing you with chassis components that incorporate the most advanced engineering and the best craftsmanship available. Our work is our "calling card." Your business is valued, and our entire staff welcomes your comments as to how we can provide you with better parts and service. Whether it is an idea for a new product or thoughts on improving what we have, please let us know. Your support is appreciated and please keep us in mind for your next project.

Thank you!

Sonny Freeman's 1965 Chevelle (Built by Mike Goldman Customs)