Art Morrison offers a wide variety of Brake Components. Including Disc and Drum Brake Kits, Master Cylinders, Adjustable Proportioning Valves and Accessories. Please call for "Personalized Design Assistance."

Designed to route brake, fuel or hydraulic clutch lines safely through 2" wide frame rails, AME's stainless steel bulkhead fittings provide an elegant solution to plumbing issues. They are available for AN-3 and AN-6 applications.

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Through-frame Brake Line Fitting

To cure the all too common problem of "spongy" brakes. Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a special through-frame brake line fitting that eliminates any fluid air pockets that can occur with other designs. CNC machined from stainless steel billet material, they can be used in any frame rail that is 2" in width. Each end is -3AN sized fitting with one end male and the other female. AME full pressure fittings can be retrofitted to most any hydraulic brake...

Price: $25

Corvette C6 Front Rotor and Caliper Kit

New C6 rotor and caliper kit comes with right hand & left hand 13" rotors, Corvette calipers, brake pads, and hardware.

Price: $995

Wilwood Combination Master Cylinder & Proportioning Valve

Now available from Art Morrison Enterprises is a combination Wilwood Master Cylinder and Proportioning valve assembly. This package locates the proportioning valve in a very convenient and easy to adjust spot while the CNC bent stainless lines ensure proper flow from the master cylinder to prop valve and then on to the brakes. Easy to install this will help clean up your engine compartment and still let you make quick adjustments to your brake bias.

Price: $395

Morrison Tri5 Stainless Brake Line Kit

Here's everything you'll need to "plumb" the Brake Lines on your GT Sport Tri-5 Chassis. Stainless Steel is used exclusively for the lines and fittings to assure you of total long-term reliability. For use in conjunction with our Master Cylinder Kits.

Price: $643

Brake Pedal Kit

The Morrison Brake Pedal kit is specially designed with operational ease, strength, and low weight in mind. The Brake Pedal is made from 7/8" 4130 and is supplied with an attractive Rubber Pedal Pad and all necessary Hardware.

Price: $80

Residual Pressure Valves

Residual Pressure Valves maintain pre-set pressure in drum brake setup and positive caliper action in disk brake systems. Especially helpful in installations where the master cylinder is mounted low on the chassis.

Price: $24

Adjustable Proportioning Valves

Set the proper front-to-rear brake balance with this handy in-line Proportioning Valve. Ideal for both Disc/Disc and Drum/Disc setups. Includes Wilwood Proportioning Valve and the fittings to facilitate installation. For Racing or Street Use.

Price: $50

Mopar Tandem Master Cylinder Kit

The Mopar tandem Master Cylinder is the industry "Standard," and is available in Cast Iron or Aluminum. Our 5-piece Master Cylinder Rod Kit facilitates installation (Optional).

Price: $150

Drum Brake Kit

DRUM BRAKE KIT Our Rear Drum Brake Kit for 5-on 4-1/2" or 4-3/4" bolt circle patterns comes with fully assembled Backing Plates. Fits 9" Ford housing with big ends. Includes new Drums, Shoes, Wheel Cylinders & Hardware

Price: $565

Dyanalite Pro Rear Kit with Internal Parking Brake

Wilwood's highly regarded Forged Dynalite 4 Piston Calipers compliment a vented cast iron hat and rotor assemblies for rear end housing installation. Comes with an effective "in the hat" internal shoe parking brake assembly. Perfect for Street Rods and Kit Car Applications.

Price: $760

Heavy Duty Pro Series Front Brake Kit

For vehicles weighing over 2800 lbs. the heavy-duty setup is recommended. It comes with a big 10.750" diameter (.810" thick) rotor for rapid heat dissipation and Dynalite 4-piston calipers, plus everything required to complete the installation. Also available with Polished Calipers.

Price: $845

Brake Components and Accessories

Art Morrison offers a wide variety of Brake Components. Including Disc and Drum Brake Kits, Master Cylinders, Adjustable Proportioning Valves and Accessories. Please call for "Personalized Design Assistance."

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