GT Sport Chassis

Chevelle / GM A-Body

Sonny Freeman's 1965 Chevelle (Built by Mike Goldman Customs)

Morrison's engineering team proudly introduces a GT-Sport chassis for the 1964-72 Chevelle and the rest of the GM-A Body family that includes cars like the Pontiac GTO, and Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Design Features Of The AME GT Sport Chevelle Chassis

Specially Designed "Angled" Main Frame Rails Unique To The GT Sport Chassis For the Chevelle & GM A Body

The biggest challenge faced by AME's designers was to place the chassis as far under the body as possible to reduce the amount of frame visible from under the car. They developed a unique inner angled frame rail that tucks right under the floor pan. This provides an increase in ground clearance, which allows for a lower stance. And, as you know, lowering the CG of a vehicle improves its handling.

Our goal is to provide Chevelle owners with a great overall ride, while still providing exceptional corner-carving ability. Extensive development work on the suspension package has resulted in optimizing various parameters (camber angle, roll center, caster angle, CG, etc.) and the creation of suspension components that will deliver optimum handling, ride and "0" bump steer.

Front Suspension

Includes Sport IFS control arms, modified C6 steering knuckles, bearings and hubs, Strange adjustable shocks with springs, front sway bar, along with power rack and pinion steering.

Rear Suspension

Includes, Strange adjustable shocks with springs, our highly acclaimed Triangulated 4-bar rear suspension and 9" housing.

A full selection of accessories is available including brakes, steering components, brake line kits, etc. See our 2019 Catalog for details.

AME Multilink IRS Available

Also available with the award-winning AME Multilink IRS

South City Rod and Customs amazing 1965 GTO uses our GT Sport Chassis for A-Body GM cars.

KISS'S Classic Cars Newport, Minnesota, 1970 Chevelle

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