GT-Sport Trucks

1947-1953 Chevrolet Truck Chassis

Features Of The High Performance Handling Edition

Provides a solid foundation for any engine & Transmission combination

The "GT Sport Performance" chassis features "Sport" IFS with beefy 1 5/16" diameter upper control arms and upsized poly-bushed rod ends that combines with coil-over shocks and anti-sway bar (both adjustable) to provide exact handling. The ride height is quite low and requires the bed floor to be raised about two inches.

Rick Jones Truck Built By QuarterMax

Economical "Standard" Configuration

The beefy 2x6 main rails and strategically placed crossmembers serve to provide a solid foundation for any engine and transmission combination, with adjustable coil-overs on all four corners and an anti-sway bar complimenting the IFS, it's easy to get the perfect balance of performance and comfort. A power rack & pinion makes steering a breeze.

It can accommodate virtually any V-8 engine/transmission (stick or automatic) combination. An optional pedal mount makes for a clean installation.

Front Crossmember Kit

Designed to be "spliced" into a stock 1947-53 Chevy truck chassis, the kit consists of a front crossmember that contains steering, lower control arm and motor mounts, upper control arm/coil-over mounts, tubular upper and lower control arms, ball joints, spindles, adjustable anti-sway bar, Strange adjustable coil-over shocks, and a power rack & pinion steering. Plates are employed to "box" the fame and support the crossmember. The assembly is CAD engineered for the application and provides contemporary handling and ride.

Rear Suspension Kit

Adapting a hefty 9" rear end housing and 4-bar rear suspension to your 1947-53 Chevy truck is easy with this superbly engineered kit from AME. It starts with a 2x6 crossmember that includes mounting brackets for the four bars (which have poly-bushed stainless steel rod ends). A tubular crossmember, with upper coil-over mounts, is attached to the frame using four brackets that also serve to reinforce the rails. The 9" housing is made to your desired width and fitted with mounts for the coil-overs and 4-bar suspension. Strange adjustable coil-over shocks and a lateral stabilizer bar (with mount) complete the package.


Built by Hot Rod's & Custom Stuff in Escondido, CA

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