1949-1954 Chevrolet

Art Morrison has a soft spot in his heart for this genre Chevrolet, given that he received a 1954 Chevrolet as a high school graduation gift from his parents.

When the engineering team at AME set about designing a GT Sport chassis for 1949-54 Chevrolets they employed the characteristics of AME’s highly successful Tri-5 chassis. It is exceptionally stable, corners hard without appreciable lean, won’t dive under braking and has a great ride.

Up front is AME’s highly acclaimed Sport IFS with tubular control arms, Wilwood ProSpindles, adjustable Strange Engineering coilovers and an adjustable anti-roll bar.

There are two options for the rear suspension; a triangulated 4-bar with a 9” housing or AME’s exemplary Multilink IRS. Both feature Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers.

A variety of engine/trans mounts are available for late model LS/LT power or small and big block V8, plus most popular automatic and manual transmissions.

This chassis is the perfect restomod compliment to a wide variety of body styles that range from the unique fastback sedans to elegant Bel Air hardtops.

Technical Features

  • Enhanced Overall Stiffness
    Mandrel-bent 2”x4” frame rails greatly enhance frame stiffness over factory rail designs.
  • FEA Assisted Design
    Strategically located center frame crossmember stiffens the frame at the front body mounts.
  • Contemporary Stance
    Available in air and coilover suspensions.
  • Multiple Suspension Options
    Available with Multilink IRS or triangulated 4-bar rear suspension.
  • Build It Your Way
    Standard and narrow rear frame widths available.
  • Excellent Ground Clearance
    Easily accommodates 3” exhaust via throughframe exhaust holes resulting in plenty of ground clearance.
  • Modern Suspension Design
    Sport IFS geometry excels in freeway stability and high-speed cornering.