1953-1956 Ford F100

The mid-1950s F100 is the epitome of a classic design. There are legions of enthusiasts who consider it the most beautiful pickup ever built. Now, beauty can be more than skin deep with the advent of AME’s expertly engineered and precision crafted GT Sport chassis for the F100. With it, the original I-beam axle, leaf spring suspension, worm-and-sector steering and antiquated drivetrain can be replaced with contemporary technology for maximum driving pleasure.

Up front you’ll find AME’s Sport IFS with rigid upper and lower control arms, adjustable anti-roll bar and greaseable bushings that work in concert with custom-valved coilovers. Like our other truck chassis, you have a choice of two different ride heights. One is quite low, per contemporary trends and requires that the bed floor be raised three inches. The other provides a standard ride height and requires no modifications whatsoever. MAR-K Specialized Manufacturing is making a raised floor specific for our low ride height chassis making this modification a snap.

The extra rigid frame, which features 2”x6” main rails, is designed to accommodate a variety of exhaust systems and provide optimum ground clearance. A 4-bar rear suspension with Johnny Joint rod ends and a Panhard bar keeps the 9” rear solidly planted for optimum acceleration and cornering. Premium coilovers tailor the handling and ride to your requirements. Integrated into the chassis just behind the 9” housing are fuel tank mounts that allow for a much safer location and helps with the overall balance of the vehicle.

Like all Art Morrison GT Sport chassis, all the required body mounts, core supports, running board and bumper mounts are included – all fixture-welded by AME technicians to provide you with a true bolt-on build. The chassis comes with mounts for popular traditional and modern Ford engines and virtually any standard or automatic transmission combination. An optional pedal mount assembly makes for a clean installation.

AME’s 3D-modeled frame is the perfect foundation for a restomod truck of the highest order; one with a contemporary stance, great handling and a comfortable ride. Moreover, an AME GT Sport chassis represents an excellent investment in the value of any vehicle. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Technical Features

  • Engine Mount Options
    Unique mounts accommodate Ford small block, big block and Coyote engines (call for Godzilla engine mounting options).
  • Modern Suspension Geometry
    Sport IFS geometry excels in freeway stability and high-speed cornering.
  • Modernized Brake & Clutch
    Floor-mounted brake and hydraulic clutch systems available.
  • Rigid Structure
    2”x6”x.180” wall main frame rails provide exceptional stiffness, eliminating rattles and independent cab/bed movement.
  • Ride Height Options
    Available in two ride heights.
  • Engineered Steering Geometry
    Modern steering geometry allows for comfortable and predictable driving.
  • Adjustable Cab Mounts
    Billet aluminum adjustable cab mounts available.