1955-1957 Chevrolet

The scope of hot rodding took a monumental leap in 2004 when Art and Craig Morrison drove from Fife, Washington to Fontana, California with their Project GT55 Chevrolet and visibly impressed a collection of highly credentialed automotive writers with a display of acceleration, braking and handling at AAA Speedway (then known as California Speedway). The era of the ultimate bolt-on restomod was born in the form of an AME GT Sport chassis.

In the ensuing years, nearly 2,000 Tri-5 GT Sport chassis have been built at AME and shipped to customers around the world. These include many of the best known and award-winning builders in hot rodding who base their creations on a Morrison chassis.

Chassis design has evolved over the past 15 years and from that original but highly effective design there are now a wide variety of suspension options offered, culminating with AME’s Multilink IRS. Updating your 1955-57 Chevrolet with an AME GT Sport chassis is an investment in performance and value that will pay longterm dividends.

Technical Features

  • Stable Roll Center
    The roll center is maintained perfectly through the first three degrees of body roll and vastly superior to Mustang II type front suspensions.
  • Suspension Movement
    The rate of vertical movement to suspension movement is 1:1, which translates to stable tracking during transitions of acceleration, braking and cornering.
  • Contemporary Stance
    Ride height is approximately 3-4″ lower than stock, which lowers the COG and improves handling. Drop spindles can be employed to lower the front end more.
  • Increased Caster
    The caster has been increased to +6° (from stock +2°) to provide improved stability at speed. This also improves the tire contact patch and weight distribution under cornering.
  • Improved Camber Control
    Camber control is enhanced throughout the 4″ of suspension travel while minimizing tire side scrub. Anti-dive properties are enhanced for better stability under hard braking.
  • Reduced Bump Steer
    The bump steer curve has been designed to match the camber and caster curves, enabling the vehicle to track straight with minimal steering correction – even on bumpy pavement, rough roads or speed bumps.
  • Optimum Ground Clearance
    Chassis are equipped with passageways in the frame to accommodate 3” exhaust pipes and enable builders to tuck the mufflers between the rails so the exhaust system won’t hang down.