1963-1967 Corvette

Without a doubt one of the most desirable restomods on the planet is created by combining the iconic styling of the 1963-67 Corvette Stingray with AME’s sophisticated GT Sport chassis with Multilink IRS and contemporary LS/LT power. It’s a package that will deliver incredible driving pleasure with the admiring glances of enthusiasts the world over.

A true bolt-on project (save for some minor trimming of the storage area behind the seat), there are a number of important advantages over the OEM chassis. For one, the front track width is reduced slightly to facilitate the use of deep-dish wheels.

A specially engineered IFS features tubular control arms with steering Ackermann similar to high-end European sports cars improving cornering grip and countersteer stability.

AME’s sophisticated Multilink IRS is far superior to the C2’s conventional IRS and provides significant improvements in handling, ride and reduced NVH (noise, vibration, harshness).

The frame itself boasts a triangular structure that significantly stiffens the front end to eliminate cowl shake while .180” wall front and rear rails, plus gussets, improve rigidity and reduce torsional twist.

In addition to engine/trans mounts for late model LS/ LT power as well as small and big block V8, the frame can accommodate most popular automatic and manual transmissions.

You also have a choice of ride heights; either 1-3/4” or 3” lower than stock. The lower COG, of course, contributes to better handling.

A C2 Corvette with a Morrison GT Sport chassis is truly a spectacular combination that pays dividends in driving pleasure and long-term value.

Technical Features

  • Easy Service
    Removable structural mid-crossmember to facilitate
    transmission service.
  • Increased Stiffness
    Multiple rear rail gussets increase torsional rigidity.
  • Reduced Cowl Shake
    Massive front frame braces virtually eliminate cowl
    shake over large bumps.
  • Increased Caster
    Standard with 6 degrees of positive caster for
    extremely stable high-speed driving.
  • Tuned Geometry
    Proprietary front-end geometry designed specifically
    for rear-heavy Corvettes.
  • Modern-Era Steering
    Modern steering geometry generates proAckermann even while counter-steering.
  • Wider Rear Tires
    Standard width rear frame rails allow wider tires
    than stock, also available in 3” narrow widths.
  • Ride Height Choices
    Available in two ride heights – low and very low.