Mopar K-Member

Direct Bolt-on GT Sport K-Member for the 1966-70 B-body Mopar Platform

Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) is releasing one of the most impactful upgrades to the 1966-70 B-body Mopar platform with the introduction of their new direct bolt-on K-member.  Combining style, strength, and performance this true bolt-on K-member maintains the car’s classic looks while modernizing its performance through no-compromise modern suspension geometry resulting in unparalleled handling, high-speed stability, and ride quality.

Borrowing the suspension geometry from their proven Sport C6 suspension while making minor adjustments to work with the B-body’s fixed upper control arm location allows AME’s K-member to utilize a C6 Corvette-style forged knuckle assembly that is significantly taller than other designs.  Requiring a minimum 18” wheel, the height of this knuckle provides numerous geometry benefits – namely the lateral roll center migration is minimal, while the negative camber gain is aggressive enough for high-performance driving and autocross.  Put simply, this means the car will have excellent grip while corning and feel stable to the driver from the initial turn-in to corner exit.