Custom Chassis

Convertible and Long Wheelbase Frames

Bob Florine's 1957 Ford built by Pure Vision - Photo Courtesy of Street Rodder

There are several key reasons why convertibles and long-wheelbase cars (over 118") should use this chassis. In the case of convertibles, they essentially have no structure above the rocker panel and need extra rigidity to support the center of the body.

Long-wheelbase cars have a similar issue with chassis flex, due to the torsional action of the stretched frame. To provide owners of convertibles, long wheelbase sedans and hardtops with the best possible ride and handling, the engineering team at Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a specially reinforced chassis that features 4"x4" main rails. This has been accomplished by merging the 2"x4" front subframe with a 4"x4"x .180" wall square tube main rail, resulting in remarkable rigidity in the area where an OEM frame is likely to flex.

It's All About The Stance

Of course, "stance" is all-important with any custom vehicle. And Morrison can engineer the chassis to provide the exact ride height you desire. With the frame rails configured to the exact year/make/model vehicle, it's a fairly straightforward task installing the chassis. The 4x4 main rail chassis can be designed for use in both "unibody" and full-frame vehicles.


Also available with the award-winning AME Multilink IRS

1946 Chrysler Town & Country built by Hot Rods & Hobbies

1946 Oldsmobile built by ICON

1946 Oldsmobile built by ICON

Thru Frame Exhaust

This chassis also features thru-frame exhaust passages, which allow your car to have a lower overall stance while still maintaining ample ground clearance.

Key Features of Morrrison's 4x4 Main Rail Chassis

CAD-Engineered to fit the exact year, make and model car. No compromises! Your choice of ride height and stance Superbly engineered suspension package provides vastly improved handling Mandrel-formed 2"x4" front profile with a 4"x4"x3/16" main rail. Frame is fixture-welded to assure proper alignment of all suspension components Choice of AME's own IFS, C6 Corvette or Air Spring-Plus front suspension Triangulated 4-bar, 4-bar or Air Spring-Plus rear suspension options Uses 20:1 Power Rack & Pinion steering Strange coil-overs optional on all corners

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