GT Sport Chassis

1953-1962 Corvette

State Of The Art Handling


Due to popular demand, we have developed another GT Sport chassis for the First Generation Corvette; one that uses an AME Sport IFS front suspension with a Wilwood spindle instead of C6 Corvette components and facilitates the use of front wheels with diameters down to 15". Like our original GT Sport chassis, you can simply unbolt the stock 1953-62 Corvette chassis, roll it away, and replace the ancient technology with 21st Century dynamics. Moreover, you can easily upgrade to LS power and most any popular standard shift or automatic transmission.

Extensive engineering and suspension analysis confirms that the performance of this new C1 chassis is on an even par with our original GT Sport chassis with C6 components. Given the proper amount of horsepower, big brakes and a good set of high performance tires, it's quite possible to achieve 1+Gs in acceleration, braking and the skid pad.

1953-1962 C1 'Vette GT Sport Chassis With AME Sport IFS

Front Suspension

The AME GT Sport 53-62 Corvette chassis has been updated to use our Sport IFS and will now allow the use of 15" or larger wheels.

The Sport IFS is augmented by Strange adjustable coil-over shocks and an adjustable anti-sway bar, while it also utilizes a power rack & pinion steering. This makes for nimble, sure-footed handling that's a quantum improvement over stock.

1953-1962 C1 'Vette GT Sport Chassis With AME Sport IFS

A triangulated 4-bar rear suspension with a 9" rear end can handle an abundance of power while also providing excellent lateral support. Suspension comes courtesy of Strange adjustable coil-over shocks, with further ride fine tuning possible with an AME adjustable anti-sway bar.


Also available with the award-winning AME Multilink IRS.

1953-1962 Chassis with C6/C7 Corvette Components

Also available is our chassis with factory Corvette C6/C7 suspension components. Contact your Art Morrison sales representative for more information.

AME GT Sport Corvette Won The Sony Gran Tourismo Award At Sema

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