GT Sport Chassis

1955-1957 Chevrolet

Now your classic 1955-1957 Chevy can have the handling characteristics of an exotic sports car! All it takes is a CAD engineered replacement chassis from Art Morrison Enterprises Inc., and it's a project that most competent do-it yourselfers can accomplish in their own home garage. Little or no welding is required to install this chassis.

Up front, we've designed a suspension that provides an excellent combination of ride comfort, cornering agility and high speed stability. Tubular steel control arms and Strange Engineering adjustable coil-over shocks are employed, while a matched rate 1" diameter sway-bar controls body roll.

In place of the antiquated OEM steering box we offer the superb power rack & pinion from DSE. The 20:1 ratio is ideally suited for most highway driving. Other options available.

The chassis has been engineered to accommodate all popular transmissions, including Powerglide, TH350, TH400, and 700-R4 automatics, as well as any 4-speed, Tremec TKO and T-56 6-speed, Richmond 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmissions.


There are a number of important handling and ride advantages to an independent rear suspension. Probably the most noteworthy is the IRS's ability to compensate for bumps and irregularities in the road (or track) and maintain the tire's vertical axis perpendicular to it. The net result is an optimum "contact patch" for both right and left tires. And the semi-active steering components increases cornering performance for autocross, track day and canyon carving.

AME's Multilink IRS is based on the Strange Engineering S60 differential, which is capable of handling more than 1400 HP with ease. Bring on the power adders!

1955-1957 Tri5 Accessories For Your Chevrolet

Here's everything you'll need for your GT Sport Tri-5 chassis. Headers, brake lines, mounts, and more are available exclusively from Art Morrison. Click on the link above to go directly to the Tri-5 accessories information

We've developed a highly effective mounting package for LS engines that incorporates Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, and adapter plate with a positive stop, and OEM-style Chevy mounts. It's easy to use and very secure.

The rear suspension is a triangulated 4-bar with Strange Engineering adjustable coil-over shocks.


Imagine having a car that has the classic looks of a Tri-5 Chevy combined with the ability to handle curves like a slot car, stop on a dime, and accelerate like a rocket. It's easy when an Art Morrison "GT Sport" chassis is part of the equation. We made it happen by putting the chassis underneath an otherwise-stock 1955 Chevy. Comprehensive skid pad, slalom, acceleration and braking tests confirm that Morrison's GT55 performs like a sports car.