GT-Sport Trucks

1953-1956 Ford F100 Trucks

The mid-1950s F100 is the epitome of a classic design. There are legions of enthusiasts who consider it the most beautiful pickup ever built. Now, beauty can be more than skin deep with the advent of AME's expertly engineered and precision crafted GT Sport chassis for the F100.

Up front you'll find AME's "Sport" independent front suspension with beefy 1-5/16" diameter upper control arms, upsized poly-bushed rod ends that work in concert with the premium coil-over shocks and anti-sway bare —both of which are adjustable.

Front Suspension

Like our other truck chassis, you have a choice of two different ride heights. One is quite low, per contemporary trends, and requires that the bed floor be raised three inches. The other provides a "standard" ride height and requires no modifications whatsoever.

Rear Suspension

A 4-bar rear suspension with "Johnny-Joint" rod ends and a Panhard bar keeps the reinforced 9" rear solidly planted for optimum acceleration and cornering. Adjustable coil-over shocks tailor the handling and ride to your requirements.

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